• Gunnas Winter Writing Festival download

    People in Melbourne hibernate during the winter so I’ve decided to give people a reason to get out of the house with my Gunnas Winter Writing Festival.

    Four special one off classes to celebrate the very best season for creativity. Winter.

    Gunnas Journalism With Michael Lallo (focus on interviewing) 
    Gunnas Sci Fi With Marianne de Pierre  (fantasy and speculative fiction)
    Gunnas Stand-Up Comedy With Nelly Thomas (focus on voices from the margins)

    Gunnas Fiction With Nova Weetman (focus on Young Adult fiction)
    Write Here, Write Now Winter Solstice HYGGE! 


    MANY people get very down over winter, particularly if you are not fan of footy or skiing. People become sluggish at best, depressed at worst. I have been one of those people.

    I have been so grateful to others who have put on amazing dinners, events, catch ups, workshops and things to do over winter. Pubs with fires and brilliant music, yoga retreats, soltice bonfires, Christmases in July, cosy crafternoons, winter lantern festivals, dreamy performances, long boozy lunches, working bees, and weekend get aways with ponchos, guitars, Frisbees and pots of yummy things bubbling on the stove and baking in the oven.

    I decided I want to be one of those people who makes something cool for people to do over winter. I want to make the festival I wished was there.

    Gunnas Winter Writing Festival officially starts the Sunday before the winter solstice.

    My hope is that people will book now and it will make them get out of the house in the depth of winter and feel so glad they did.

    We all need something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to. Book a winter Gunnas today and drag a mate along.

    ALSO coming up, our last for the year…

    Gunna Self Publishing With Julie Postance
    Saturday May 27


    Have a squiz. I love you all.

    Great people, delicious food, magnificent day. Beginners and vegans welcome! Gunnas Writing Masterclass is for all levels. Novice to professional.

    Love to see you,

    Full $290

    Conc/student/artist/unemployed/anyone povo $250

    Facebook event page here. Join up!

    Dev x


  • Gunnas Journalism With Michael Lallo download

    Veteran journalist with The Age  Michael Lallo will give you all the tips you need about craft, editing, pitching, and what goes on in the newsroom to help you polish up and streamline your work.

    This masterclass will focus particularly on interviewing.

    What makes a good interview – and a bad interview? How do you coax your subject into sharing insightful, honest, interesting stories? How do you walk up to strangers and ask confronting questions? How do you deal with cynical politicians, spin doctors and celebrities? And how does this differ from interviewing ‘everyday’ people?
    “If you want to fail as as interviewer, fail to prepare.”
    In this one-day masterclass, veteran Age journalist Michael Lallo will show you how to:
    – Research your interview
    – Break the ice
    – Conduct face-to-face interviews
    – Get the most out of telephone, email and Skype interviews
    – Avoid common interviewing mistakes
    – Turn transcripts into great writing
    Michael Lallo is a journalist with a 16-year media career. In 2005, he moved from public relations to journalism. In his 11 years with The Age, he has covered breaking news, general news, arts and entertainment, food, and cultural and social issues. He has also been a feature writer, a deputy editor of Green Guide, a columnist and a critic.
    As with all Gunnas classes, a sumptuous gourmet morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included.

    Great food, awesome people, brilliant day. Learn heaps to improve your writing and get stuff published and paid for it!

    Full $290

    Conc/student/artist/unemployed/anyone povo $250

    Join the Facebook event here


  • Use Your Words! My new book. 2Q==

    A Myth-Busting, No-Fear Approach To Writing.2Q==
    Want to write? Got a memoir, novel, screenplay or blog in your back drawer? Need to get ‘unstuck’? This is the magic pill you’ve been looking for.

    Read some lovely things about the book herehere, here and here, a fab piece about the launch and check out the launch photos and audio of the fabulous speeches.

    In Use Your Words writer and comedian Catherine Deveny reveals the secrets that have made her ‘Gunnas’ Writing Masterclasses sell-out successes around the country. With humour and passion, she explains the struggles all writers face and reveals how to overcome them.

    Whether you’re already published or just starting out, writing for others or purely for self-expression, Use Your Words has the tips, tricks, techniques and honest truths to get you writing. You’ll learn how creativity is like a vending machine, how writing is like a magnet and how not to die with your light inside you.

    You should come to a Gunnas Writing Masterclass, check out The Writer’s Mug and buy a Get Writing No EXCUSE Poster.

    Wait no longer – smash through procrastination and fear and get those words on the page.


    Buy the eBook:




    Praise for Use Your Words:

    ‘Everyone has a book in them. Before you write yours, however, read this. It’s brilliant. The world will thank you.’ —Clare Bowditch

    ‘Finally the truth about writing! Buy this book if you want to get the job done.’ —Chrissie Swan

    ‘An insightful, funny, honest how-to, go-do, firecracker-up-you bible for the emerging and established author alike. Buy it, read it, and WRITE.’ —Maxine Beneba Clarke

    ‘Catherine Deveny’s no-nonsense attitude and comedic genius make learning fun. If you’ve always wanted to write but never thought you could, banish those thoughts right now.’ —Clementine Ford

    ‘As practical and profane as the woman who wrote it.’ —Benjamin Law

    ‘The most readable book on writing ever written.’ —Dee Madigan