Gunnas Journalism With Michael Lallo


Veteran journalist with The Age  Michael Lallo will give you all the tips you need about craft, editing, pitching, and what goes on in the newsroom to help you polish up and streamline your work.

This masterclass will focus particularly on interviewing.

What makes a good interview – and a bad interview? How do you coax your subject into sharing insightful, honest, interesting stories? How do you walk up to strangers and ask confronting questions? How do you deal with cynical politicians, spin doctors and celebrities? And how does this differ from interviewing ‘everyday’ people?
“If you want to fail as as interviewer, fail to prepare.”
In this one-day masterclass, veteran Age journalist Michael Lallo will show you how to:
– Research your interview
– Break the ice
– Conduct face-to-face interviews
– Get the most out of telephone, email and Skype interviews
– Avoid common interviewing mistakes
– Turn transcripts into great writing
Michael Lallo is a journalist with a 16-year media career. In 2005, he moved from public relations to journalism. In his 11 years with The Age, he has covered breaking news, general news, arts and entertainment, food, and cultural and social issues. He has also been a feature writer, a deputy editor of Green Guide, a columnist and a critic.
As with all Gunnas classes, a sumptuous gourmet morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included.

Great food, awesome people, brilliant day. Learn heaps to improve your writing and get stuff published and paid for it!

Full $290

Conc/student/artist/unemployed/anyone povo $250

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