International Women’s Day 2014. Do we still need IWD?

I have written many pieces over the years about International Women’s Day. Even one on ‘vajazzling‘ and why teenage girls should be encouraged to say fuck.

This year I would like to share with you some of my favorite’s from The Women’s Role (published 1983), a best of book that records examples of the constant barrage of comments which perpetrate the all-pervasive system of discrimination against women.

You’re welcome.

This year I only have three things to say;

1. This is not about women verses men, this is about us versus the arseholes. (Come see Trollhunter my Melbourne Comedy Festival Show, a collaboration with Van Badham about misogyny, internet trolls and online haters. it’s OMG, LOL and NSFW)

2. The worst thing you can encourage girls to be is nice, the second worst pretty. (See you all at Pushy Women North Sunday March 16 Thornbury Theatre.)

3. Religion is another word for patriarchy. Check out my Atheist Alphabet Kickstarter. It’s a (celebration of Melbourne, life, truth, bikes, dogs and big bottomed girls.)

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