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I'm 80 kilos, size 16 and love my body. 

Yesterday we received an email from Catherine Deveny. It was a photo of her in bathers. She was miffed. WHEN, she asked, are women going to stop worrying? She’d read this post on Mamamia and she wanted to stage a coup on dissatisfaction. We asked her a few questions.

Q: You’re sick of the constant portrayal as skinny as the ‘only’ desirable body type. You wanted to say something about female bodies?

A: There will always be men who love big, voluptuous, buxom, ba-boom ba-boom women. They always have and always will and they will NEVER go out of fashion despite what media would have the gullible believe.

Any suggestion otherwise is people manipulating the world to make women feel NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I was watching the ARIAs the other night and every single one of the women looked exactly the same. Skinny, manicured, fake tan, fake teeth, fake tits. Same, same, same, same, same with the exception of Clare Bowditch. She was stunning, glowing and gorgeous.

I was in a supermarket once and I saw this skinny, withered old woman, maybe 75, flicking through at a magazine called Slimmers or something and I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and say “When are you going to stop worrying? You are good enough.”