God Is Bullshit

God is Bullshit

Gotta love those fundamentalists. Putting the fun and the mental back into religion…

“Deveny’s shock and awe humor does for atheism what Mark Arbib does for espionage. And she’s still my favorite tweep.”Tony Jones – host of ABC’s Q and A


God Is Bullshit sold out at the 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and returned for another gangbuster season in 2011. The perfect show for favorite frothing at the mouth atheists, hard core bible basher, lapsed Catholic, curious truth seeker or people who like jokes and swearing. “Who was Jesus? So a long time ago there was this woman called Mary and she was a virgin. Hang on I’ll answer questions at the end. And an angel appeared before her and told her that she was going to have a baby. Shhhh boys, let me finish. So Mary gave birth to Jesus who was the Son of God sent to earth to die for our sins. Hey, cut it out guys this is serious. When Jesus grew up he performed miracles, walked on water, bought people back from the dead fed a crowd of thousands with a few loaves of bread and couple of fish, turned water into wine and then he was nailed to a cross and he died. But he came back to life three days later. Actually hang on guys. This sounds like a croc of shit.’’


Strap yourself in for a death-defying ride through my spiritual journey from wannabe Catholic altar girl to atheist eye candy. Hilarious, moving and profound. Big finish. Trust me. WARNING! May contain traces of Cardinal George Pell, Tony Abbott, Mary McKillop, liturgical dancing and bizarre Bible stories. Here’s what some middle aged, middle class rich white guys had to say about God Is Bullshit….”Sexier than Christopher Hitchens, funnier than Richard Dawkins, and more ethical than George Pell, Catherine Deveny is not to be missed.”Peter Singer – Author, Philosopher and Professor of Bioethics, Princeton UniversityDeveny as the courage to say what so many of us think and makes you proud to be a card-carrying atheist. I wish she was my mother. Seeing God Is Bullshit was the best $20 I ever spent.Adam Elliot- Academy Award winning creator of Harvey Crumpet and Mary and Max “Catherine Deveny, like Julian Assange, exposes, confronts, maddens. She tells the truth to power – and to habit, conformity, timidity and comfort. Dangerous and seductive, she makes me laugh, and laugh…”Barry Jones, AO – writer, lawyer, social activist, quiz champion and former politician. “You will be judged.”Cardinal George Pell – Australian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.And a few words from a our favorite Christian lady we all love,”As one of the freaks who still believe in God, I found even I was welcome!”Clare Bowditch – singer, musician, broadcaster, writer, It Girl.