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    Gunnas YA Fiction With Nova Weetman
    Venue: La Luna Bistro, Carlton Great people, delicious food, magnificent day. Gunnas Masterclasses are for all levels beginner, amateur and professional. This class is for people 18 years and over. 10am-4pm. Nova Weetman wrote her first book at 12. A dystopian vision of post-apocalyptic, jelly eating children and the end of the world. Criminally ignored by the literati, ...
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    Gunnas Journalism With Michael Lallo
    Veteran journalist with The Age  Michael Lallo will give you all the tips you need about craft, editing, pitching, and what goes on in the newsroom to help you polish up and streamline your work. This masterclass will focus particularly on interviewing. What makes a good interview – and a bad interview? How do you coax your subject ...
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    Gunnas Stand-Up Comedy With Nelly Thomas
    Venue: La Luna Bistro 10am-4pm ONLY THREE SPOTS LEFT! Award winning comedian, writer and social commentator Nelly Thomas first jumped on stage at the grand old age of 28 and with a working life behind her. She never thought she’d be a performer, it literally happened by accident (more on that in the workshop). Nelly will be running a jam ...
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    Gunnas Winter Writing Festival
    People in Melbourne hibernate during the winter so I’ve decided to give people a reason to get out of the house with my Gunnas Winter Writing Festival. Four special one off classes to celebrate the very best season for creativity. Winter. Gunnas Journalism With Michael Lallo (focus on interviewing)  Gunnas Sci Fi With Marianne de Pierre  (fantasy and ...
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    Pushy Women Number TEN!
    After nine gangbuster sellout shows all over Australia Pushy Women is back in 2017 to celebrate The Women’s Ride  with a sizzling line up of town bikes, lady riders, pedal pushers, lycra ladettes, fixie hipsters, BMX bandits, dykes on bykes, step through ladies women who don’t ride AT ALL. Sunday March 26 Trades Hall Carlton 4pm-6pm LINE -UP JUST ANNOUNCED Kitty Flanagan – comedian, ...
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    Use Your Words! My new book.
    A Myth-Busting, No-Fear Approach To Writing. Want to write? Got a memoir, novel, screenplay or blog in your back drawer? Need to get ‘unstuck’? This is the magic pill you’ve been looking for. Read some lovely things about the book here, here, here and here, a fab piece about the launch and check out the launch photos and audio of ...
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  • 18.12.14 CENTRALTWR Melbourne Times  January 28thSummerCyclingCatherineCoburgPhoto shows comedian and 'Pushy Women' bike riding leader Catherine Deveny (with her dog Archie) for summer inner-city cycling feature. Photo: Scott McNaughton / MMP
    Pushy Women Melbourne Comedy Festival 2016
    Pushy Women Number Eight! After seven gangbuster sellout shows all over Australia Pushy Women is back in 2016 as part of the  Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a sizzling line up of town bikes, lady riders, pedal pushers, lycra ladettes, fixie hipsters, BMX bandits, dykes on bykes, step through ladies women who don’t ride AT ALL. Also Pushy ...
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    Love Party Day. No God. No Government. No Marriage. Just Love.
    On March 6th 2016  Sparkle and Bear (Catherine Deveny and Anthony Artmann) had a Love Party,  a wedding with no god and no government. We were in love when we were 18 (1987) and fell back in love 23 years later in 2010. Bride? Groom? Wedding? Yes. Wife? Husband? Marriage? No. I was a 90 kilo, 47 year old bride in ...
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    Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide GUNNAS
    Gunnas does the whole of Australia pretty much. Come to Gunnas Writing Masterclass because Gunnas Writing Masterclass is coming to you so you have NO EXCUSE! Great people, delicious food, magnificent day. Beginners and vegans welcome! Gunnas Writing Masterclass is for all levels. Novice to professional. 10am-4pm. Gunna write? Gunna write better, different, more or that project you’re blocked ...
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    One year on. One million hits. Let’s party!
    Pop the champagne! My website designed by Jen Clark Design is one year old today! In that time I have had over one million visits. Thank all of you perverts, weirdos and freaks for dropping by from the bottom of my magnificent rack. To celebrate until midnight tonight I will be donating 25% of all Gunnas Writing Masterclass (including ...
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