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I attended one of Julie’s self-publishing workshops in 2017. Her guidance proved invaluable and helped me indie-publish a book of an exceptional professional standard. My book has done so well. I sold 4000 copies through and now I have made a deal with a major Australian publisher who are publishing my book in April 2018. Thank you for your help, Julie, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Shannon Kelly White, author of Shannon’s Kitchen: Healthy Food You’ll Actually F**king Eat.


I spent yesterday at Julie’s seminar. I found her generosity of spirit, her obvious desire to encourage others to pursue their dreams, positively uplifting. Incidentally, I’m also very confident I could self publish a book.

Mary McNamara


The workshop was incredible value and Julie is also a wonderful coach and has got me to the point of having a full draft of my first novel. Book into her workshop today!

Kate Olivieri


Can I just take this opportunity to say how inspired and empowered I am by last weekend’s class – it is easily the best money and time I have ever spent. My dream of publishing a book is now a completely achievable reality and my initial idea which was for a very small-scale booklet-type thing has now grown in scope and ambition. Very excited about it all!

Kind regards,



I know you already have high regard for Julie Postance, but she’s better than that. She just delivered the best workshop I have ever attended. That was the best money I have spent on the service of information. I am glad I stepped out of my desk to not just the gunnas class but ultimately for this one today.

Julie’s authenticity and quiet confidence….you can’t beat that or would want to.

Thank you

Melissa Pearson


Julie’s workshop was absolutely fantastic! What a wealth of information on self publishing – my head was bursting with information by the time I left. Please pass on my thanks for her generosity with her expertise and knowledge. It was definitely food for though – oh and the food and venue were excellent also.


Rachel Smith


Attended this masterclass yesterday…Julie was amazing and my head still hurts from all the new information. Loved it, feeling motivated and already thinking differently about publishing.

Heather Roache


Thanks so much to Julie for this wonderful workshop. I was hoping to learn a little bit about the self-publishing process but instead I walked away with all of the practical and creative tools I needed to take my book idea from a blog to a manuscript ready for publication. I’m now working with Julie on realising my book publishing dream. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.

Melinda Hildebrandt


I walked in to this workshop with the idea of publishing my own online book. I left with a solid plan to publish my own hard copy. The rest is history! Such a supportive environment.Thank you for giving me the resources and the confidence to help so many children.

Jo Hirst author of ‘The Gender Fairy’


So much gratitude and appreciation to you lovely, talented & amazing lady. By far one of the most productive days of my entire life. Pure Gold! Your passion, inspiration and abundance of support and knowledge is greatly appreciated not only by me personally but all the other authors who cross your path.

Ali Goss


Thank you so much for the workshop. You are truly gifted. I really appreciate your positive words of support and enthusiasm for all of us. We should definitely keep in touch and I look forward to following your publishing career flourish and hopefully will fill you in on my ideas as they come to fruition. Many thanks once again.

Anita Phelan


I thoroughly enjoyed your session on Saturday – what an amazingly generous day of info. There was not one dull moment. It was exactly what I needed to focus my head on a few ideas (and ignore some others!). It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and I look forward to having the opportunity to use your services again in the not too distant future. A few one:one mentoring sessions sounds like just the things I could use – when I have some words down, that is 🙂 Many thanks for all the wisdom and resources.

Kim Cowen, Melbourne


Your course is really a gold mine for self-publishing. I feel really confident now that it is a real option for me. I will be in touch when I have made some progress, for some much needed mentoring!

Jules Livingstone, Melbourne


Julie puts her heart and soul into her workshop and gives all her knowledge and the benefit of her experience through her training. I am a course junkie and I can honestly say this is the best course I have ever done next to Catherine’s Gunnas Masterclass, no wonder they’ve teamed up.
Julie is a golden person and practically demonstrates how to lay your golden egg, the book that is inside you. I can’t wait to write mine. Highly recommended.
Resourceful, practical, real and enriching, truly inspirational.

Anastasia Panayiotidis


I just want to say, WOW! Your workshop was seriously amazing and I learned more in one day than I could have possibly imagined.
I genuinely feel confident that I can self-publish now with my eyes open and I know I can always employ you for guidance as well, which I find reassuring.

Megan Ireland


Thank you so much for your workshop. It was really empowering and got my enthusiasm going. I love your quiet, determined energy. I came away thinking ‘Holy Moley, I could really do this’. It is a terrifying yet totally enchanting notion.



An amazing day, thank you Julie! Great food, company, and the information simply kept coming! Thank you, it was inspiring, and so very informative. All in all, a magic day, now to put into practice.

Pieta Johann Mcgilvray


I just loved the day’s information, the other participants (what positive energy in the room), the food! and your facilitation was expert – so professional, polished and exemplary. I certainly will recommend the day to others.
I shall be in touch, no doubt. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing of this information. I am so keen to start but I have to clear my work schedule. The day inspired me and now I want to write and publish a few books!

Maryanne Pearce


Wonderful day full of information. Thanks Julie for being so generous with your knowledge. Had a very full brain by the end of the day!

Merryn Tinkler


Thank you so much for an amazing day. I can’t even imagine where I would be right now without your help!

Emma Sharrock


Thank you for the workshop- it was fantastic and I’ve been writing hard so I get to the point of putting it all in action!

Alana Gilbee


A great day with Julie Postance on self publishing. So much info my head may explode. Made a complicated process much more straight forward. Highly recommended.

Julia Rose Freeborne

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