3AW. No, I will not work for you for free.

Young female producer emailed me a while back asking if I would like to talk on 3AW about private schools.
I said “Sure, $500.”
She said “We don’t pay for interviews.”
Me “Like you I do not work for free.”
She said “Lots of people would come on 3AW simply for the exposure they would get from it. ”
Me “Do you expect your hairdresser, mechanic, plumber to work for free? Only people who enjoy enabling misogyny, fear, homophobia. racism and discrimination would work for 3AW for exposure.
Why would anyone want to be exposed to the mouth breathing morons who listen to your line up of Pale Stale Males?
Do you work for exposure? To you pay your rent with ‘exposure’.
Do you ask your hairdresser to?
Your mechanic?
Your petrol station?
How rude asking people to work for free.
How unprofessional to create a budget that relies on not paying people.
I am a single mum and I pay every person who works for me.
I would not dream of asking someone to work for nothing.
The people who listen to your ‘radio station’ I do not want or need to be exposed to. Who knows what I would contract.
Me being on 3AW would look great on your advertising, embarassing and shameful on mine.
I don’t need exposure. I am financially independent from my work.
No husband.
No rich parents.
No advertising pre paid funerals, lapband surgery or no win no pay whiplash lawyers.
And not working for cunts like the people you work for and with who do not see you as an equal but as a service provider.
Make a run for it sister.
You can do so much better than working in the 1950s for neanderthals, chauvinists and arseholes.
3AW is a business that makes dumb hateful sexist frightened people dumber, more sexist, frightened and hateful.
Is that how you want to spend you life?”

(She has since contacted me asking me to appear AGAIN! Gave similar response)

When you work for free you are PAYING to work for people. Time, travel. childcare (if req) make-up (if req) prep etc. When women appear on these sausage festival/cock forrest stations it enables misogyny. Because one woman appearing for five minutes as a guest equals gender equality.

The ‘gender adjusted appearance scale’.
One volunteer woman for five minutes = to three full time male hosts on yearly six figure contracts.

Friends don’t let friends listen to 3AW.

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