Akerman. If Piers is axed from Insiders should I be axed from Q&A?

I only know three things about Piers Akerman. He’s a right wing hack for one of Murdoch’s mouthpieces. Yesterday he went on Insiders and surprised no one by repeating rumors questioning the sexuality of Prime Minister Gillard’s partner, covering it clumsily with a dog whistle along the lines of ‘Who cares in this day and age if people are gay… but a lot of people have been saying he is’. The third thing I know is that Piers moderates his own blog and happily lets comments like the following past the keeper, “Deveny is one of Australia’s greatest pieces of human garbage, a contemptible low life of unspeakable depravity.”

Wow. Nanna! Who knew you were a Piers Akerman fan!


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