Bettina Arndt. Where do I start?

021 large_m1715885Where do I start?
Bettina Arndt wrote this today about The Unspoken Truth About Marriage
According to Bettina, sex therapist turned lunatic, marriage is often dismissed as ”just a piece of paper”, but it does make a difference because magic.

Today’s cry for help is a confirmation bias response to a British High Court judge saying last week ‘Couples should not have children if their relationship is not stable enough to merit getting married.’ Because he’d know. Being a rich, white, middle aged, middle class straight or straight acting, god fearing or pretending male.
Bettina, just a few things…

1. Marriages may last longer because people are TRAPPED in them due to social critique, religious oppression, financial control, fear, lack of imagination and co dependence.

2. Unmarried parents who separate may be giving their children the best example of healthy relationships possible. ‘Guys it’s about reality, and this is not how I thought this movie would end. Let’s get to the best possible place with the least amount of damage.’
Not ‘suck it up regardless. That’s commitment’.

3. Just because your relationship is ‘stable’ that does not mean marriage is the next ‘merit’. Marriage is not levelling up. I would argue it’s levelling down. We don’t go ‘well it appears the relationship is stable. Now we must marry.’

4. Many of us don’t marry not because we are fickle or in uncommitted relationships or that the fellas don’t ask us but because we think it’s a crock of shit. I know! Bitches be cray
Marriage is no guarantee, no magic wand. Guess what Bettina? Marriage was invented love wasn’t. And it was invented to oppress and control women and children and pass money, titles and property from men to other men. That’s all.
When people marry they are far more likely to default setting to the 1950s model. Women change surname, children get the father’s name, man works full time women part time, joint bank account, unpaid domestic duty and childcare carried disproportionately by the female etc….

5. ‘Children may suffer family breakdown’. Because it’s always suffering isn’t it Bettina? And no children suffer, are traumatised, caused huge damage by parents who stay together?

6. Just people choose not to buy into a sexist, homophobic institution because it’s doesn’t work and it’s a shocking example to our children ‘stay together whether you like it or not’ doesn’t mean we are ‘casualisation of relationships involving children’. What we are saying is marriage is a crock.

7. Quoting Pope Francis? Seriously? The Catholic Church is a wealthy, powerful, international child sex ring run by virgins, child molesters and paedophiles.

8. I can’t speak for everyone but marriage is not worthy of my relationship. Not only is marriage a sentance, not a word, it’s a fucking institution.
You need to get out more Bettina, you are disappearing further and further up your own arse. Your relevance deprivation is causing a tantrum with reality that is very, very sad.

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