Campbell Newman gets cops to heavy Deveny over Twitter comments

Yesterday the cops came over. I wasn’t here. They left their card with my teenage son who was home from school. I assume watching porn and mastubating into socks. The cops told Dom to get me to give them a call. They were from the criminal investigation unit.

It was one of those flat knacker days where I had left the house at 8am and was only flying through to put on some fried rice for everyone before jumping back on my bike for a speaking gig in the city.

Cops? WTF? I had no idea. I was concerned. I have had a full on week and was there something I didn’t know?

So I spoke to the cops this morning.  They were being directed by the top brass of the Queensland Police to give me a ‘talking to’ about this twitter conversation about Campbell Newman.


The police and I pissed ourselves laughing. Particularly considering the hate mail, death and sexually violent threats I and many I expect, high profile women cop on a regular basis and I particularly this week after my appearance on ABC’s QandA with Peter Jensen.

Did the cops go over to Robbie Farah’s place for his suggestion PM Gillard should get a noose for her birthday, or Alan Jones’ joint for suggesting ‘there is not a chaff bag big enough for Gillard’ or Graeme Morris’ house when he suggested Gillard should be kicked to death?

Women live in fear of men killing them. Men live in fear of women laughing at them.

I never had any intention of procecuting any of the haters, trolls, maggots or creeps. I am not at all scared or intimidated by weak, insecure misogynists who call me  an ugly, extremist, stupid, unintelligent, idiotic, thoughtless, self-righteous, self-centred, self-absorbed, nasty, confused, frustrated, bitter, twisted, humourless, un-funny, unreasonable, unrespectable, disrespectful, sarcastic, mocking, catty, hateful, boorish, blustering, bullying bitch.

Clearly they feel very threatened. And so they fucking should. We’re winning.

A note on QandA. 

In the green room Chris, Concetta and Jensen all had personal assistants/advisers. Anna and I were there on our own as usual, advising, preparing and looking after ourselves. At one point I watched Jensen’s adviser straighten his tie and wondered how much Jensen had been groomed and prepared for the appearance. He was not wearing his religious garb, clearly a strategic point and requested to be seated next to me. How much more was he coached in?

It did shock me how the creepy ‘gentlemen with manners’ routine managed to distract people from his hateful poisonous rhetoric and speaking in circles, ‘We need to have a conversation about that’. This IS the conversation. Is that code for ‘I need to make you agree with me’?  How people were not aware of the sinister, softly spoken clear messenger of hate, inequality and intolerance.

For what it’s worth I have sat next to John Elliot, Corey Bernadi, Peter Dutton, Gerard Henderson, Tony Abbott and of course spent time with Peter Reith, Angry Anderson and Mike Smith and I have never been so physically repelled by anyone as I have by Jensen. He is pure evil.

I think people are unused to seeing someone like me, who does not work for a particular media outlet, political party or religious group and has to couch what they say to push the company line. I speak for no one but myself. And I am not here, there or anywhere to convince people or win arguments. I don’t give a fuck what you think. Even if you agree with me, I simply stand up for what I believe in.catechism-of-kids-and-candy

I was called a ‘noisy atheist’ on Q and A. What I find hilarious is that I have spent about 80 hours on stage talking about atheism. Yet people like Peter Jensen spend hundreds of thousands of hours talking about religion, from a pulpit and I’m the one being called preachy. No one has ever accused Peter Jensen of being ‘preachy’.

They can no longer burn me at the stake,  put me in jail or throw me in an asylum so all they can do now is accuse me violating some social norm.  Offence is a mode of social control. And just because you are offended does not mean you are right. More damage is done by taking offence than giving it. Offence is taken. NOT given.

We’re winning.  Thank you all for your support. I hope you don’t die and I hope you get laid.

Check this out! First ‘a spokesman for Mr Newman said the Premier nor anyone from his office had made the complaint after originally saying he would offer no comment because it was a police matter.’ They are now saying it was an anonymous tip off from Crimestoppers. Are you serious?

Not only is Campbell Newman a sooky la la, now his pants are on fire.

And by the way, there’s no point suggesting how better I can get my point across. My point is I will do it however the fuck I want. Go sit at the kids table and watch Packed To The Rafters.


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