Cunt. It’s an intelligence test

Cunt is a homophone. Like rose and rose, root and root, tacky and tacky and tender and tender.

Language changes.

Hilary has one. Trump is one. Got it? Good.

It’s just a word. Like cabbage, carrot or faggot.  And you all know it. Stop being uptight white honky offence sniffer pigs in an attempt to look virtuous. It just makes you look dumb, boring and pedestrian.

Great people do things, average people talk about doing things and small people find fault with things others are doing.

Stop acting like cunts and trying to getting your little moment on the attention sun lounge by something other than pointing and telling the teacher that ‘(insert name of person who threatens you because they refuse to massage your prejudices here) used a rude word.’

What are you? The word police?

You’re as bad as Cory Bernardi. You heard me.

I am so bored by this ‘I find your use of the word cunt offensive’ well fine. Fuck off and sit at the kid’s table.

Or ‘cunts are beautiful’. No they aren’t and they don’t have to be.

Or ‘cunts are beautiful. Not like men’s thingies they’re disgusting.’ Really? WOW! Double standards. I happen to think cocks are gorgeous.

Worse still are the cunt agnostics. The ‘c bomb’ people. “Whoah! That Catherine Deveny sure like’s the ‘c bomb’. What are you trying to do? Half say it? Grow the  fuck up.

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