‘Defending Deveny’ by Chrys Stevenson on QandA with Peter Jenson

The stereotyping of atheists as ‘militant’ has now become so common it’s even used as a 534276_10151231804886340_2091495849_nperjorative by atheists against other atheists.

“No, I don’t believe the state should fund religious schools,” I said at a recent meeting of the Sunshine Coast Atheists.

“Oh, so you’re a militant atheist, then?” responded one of our more elderly members as I sat before him with my fluffy blonde hair and blingy earrings, sipping mildly on a glass of white wine.

Militant? Moi?

As my friend Warren Bonett notes in The Australian Book of Atheism(Bonnett, ed. 2010, p. 328),  think of a religious militant and you’ll most likely picture someone wielding a gun. Think of a militant atheist and you’re likely to conjure up an image of Richard Dawkins with a bit of colour in his cheeks.


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