Gunnas Self-Publishing Last for 2015.

By popular demand! Super excited about the encore  Gunnas Self-Publishing Masterclass. LAST FOR 2015.
A bunch of the Gunnas wanted know about self-publishing ebooks and print books. I’m really interested in it too. So I tracked down the self-publishing guru Julie Postance and she’s running a one more day for us  Saturday September 26 after a gangbuster May masterclass.
You’ll learn everything you need to know. You’ll learn stuff you didn’t even know you needed to. Plus it’s incredible fun.
Self-publishing is the way forth. Remember how we used to think about people who did ‘computer dating’, personal ads or dating agencies ten years ago?
Yep. Now everyone’s hooking up that way.
Don’t wait for the publisher. Get cracking people are getting huges success self-publishing, making money and getting their stories OUT THERE.
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