Miranda Devine. Why gay marriage activists need her more than rallies

Apropos Miranda Devine’s column on Sunday about Labor Minister Penny Wong and her same-sex partner having a baby, heterosexuals being shamed into hiding their families, Devine speaking ‘as a Catholic’ as if it somehow legitimises crazy talk and how gay parents (via fatherlessness) are the cause of the London riots, (go with me) two words: Calm down. We need her.

If you are a conservative and/or a right-wing bigot you need Devine and people like her to massage your prejudices.

If you are a progressive you need her to voice the extreme beliefs of the other team to get your beliefs over the line. And if you are a progressive it’s in the best interest of your interests for the conservatives to feel lulled into a false sense of security with words like ‘decency’, ‘tradition’, ‘family values’ and ‘community morals’. Because the more the conservatives believe the majority of the world is with them living in the 1950s the louder they shout when the gays, feminists, atheists, greenies, asylum seekers, disabled, ethnics etc appear to be gaining recognition as human beings with equal rights. Or as right-wing bigots say “stealing or jobs, marrying our women, pinching our parking spots and taking over the world”.


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