Mothermorphosis: Australian storytellers write about becoming a mother


Featuring The Narcissism of Motherhood by Catherine Deveny

Good Mother. Bad Mother. Proud Mother. Guilty Mother.
Modern motherhood is riddled with contradictions and myths.

In Mothermorphosis, some of Australia’s most talented writers and storytellers share their own experiences of motherhood. In telling their stories they articulate the complex internal conflicts, the exhilaration and the absurdity of the transformation that takes place when we become mothers.
We read about the yearning for a child, the private and public expressions of maternal love, the questioning, uncertainty and unexpected delight, as well as unfathomable loss.
Mothermorphosis reveals that there is no ‘right’ version of this epic experience and no single tale that could ever speak for all mothers. Yet it is in reading about other women’s experiences—the hard bits, the joyous bits and even the ridiculous bits—that we can become more compassionate, not just to other mothers but hopefully to ourselves.

Paperback, eBook and iTunes.

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