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OMG! Atheist Alphabet THE FILM!

Have you seen the ATHEIST ALPHABET?

Very proud of our little movie, an A to Z of atheism answering all the frequently asked questions of non belief as I ride through the streets of Melbourne with my dog Archie in the basket. 

We're all fizzing with excitemement about my letter to Melbourne, bikes, dogs, pleasure seeking and piss taking.


The Trollhunter. We're nailing it. COME!

The reviews are in!

"a biting wit that is as funny as it is considered"

"confident, smart and a fearless force for the left"

Even the Herald Sun couldn't fault us! 

See Trollhunter tonight.

7pm Trades Hall.

Buy tickets here

I will show you my cockslap and my awesome rack. 

This show uses actual hatewank that trolls send to me. We name and shame. 

The show is an adults only fairytale about online trolls and anonymous internet misogyny. It's OMG, NSFW and LOL. 

Come! We make Crush The Trolls party.


Atheist Alphabet Pozible Crowd Funding!

I am making a movie!

But I need you to make it happen. Check out this 90 second video.

Here is a still from the film...


Pushy Women 2014 tickets on sale now! 


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