Raising Emotionally Articulate Boys

Catherine Deveny has been busy of late, featuring in the recent SBS series Go Back to Where you Came From, and appearing on ABC Television’s Q&A program this week. She’s also preparing to have her first novel ‘The Happiness Show’ released in November.

In this piece for Sheilas, Deveny looks at the processes involved in raising emotionally articulate boys – a topic she’s quite an expert on, with three sons of her own. 

Living in an all male household has its ups and its downs. Upside? You feel like a princess. Downside? Your toilet smells like an animal enclosure. And I’m getting a t-shirt printed that says, “Where have you looked?”

With three boys and a trampoline the most important thing I’ve learnt is to call an ambulance when I hear the words, “Watch this, guys.”


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