Religion costs Australia $30 billion a year.

religious exemptions

God is not only bullshit, his agents are tax cheats.

The expert scholars who have written the papers quoted below are happy to answer questions.

February 7 Q and A for those who missed it. 

February 8 me talking on radio with Paul Bevan on 1223 ABC Newcastle 

Are you okay with how much religion is gouging from Australia’s spending?

(Statistics can be easily massaged – $30 billion is in theory possible but  more  is likely. If this is not correct can someone supply us all with the figure that supports religion (not charity, not all charity work is religious) costs us. For more info on the shameful amount we fund religion read The Purple Economy by Max Wallace)

Some other ways to raise money off the top of my head…

Cut the national school chaplaincy program, there’s $437 million right there.

By processing asylum seekers in Australia and not offshore in proven mental illness factories we would save $3.2 billion dollars a year (and create jobs) (and save in mental health spending patching these abused and vulnerable people up). In Australia.  The lucky country. Clearly not for them.



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