Testimonial 13

I signed up for this master class because I lack direction and motivation, my skills at procrastination and excuse making are quite supreme.

In the master class, Catherine shared her own experiences, both personal and professional in a way that was inspirational, creative, insightful and very useful. She demonstrated how to ‘just write, put words on the paper’ and the value of using life and all of it’s surprises as a valuable source of inspiration.

Coming away, I felt like I had had a total overhaul, I felt very motivated and my reasons for ‘not writing’ seemed less complex and somewhat lifted. Catherine is a beam of bright sunshine and activity.  She is charismatic and fascinating, I could just listen to her talking for months and months! 

She was such a great highlight – as it was her class hey,  and I thought, for such a hugely successful writer and thinker, it was incredibly generous of her to sit in a room with myself and 10 others for 6+ hours and talk to us, listen to us and be in the moment with us in such a sincere and interested way.  She is a treasure and I think so much of her.

La Luna was a fantastic location, the room was small, intimate and perfect – I felt very connected with everyone.  The food was bloody amazing, I can’t wait to go back for more!!

Mishelle Predika

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