Testimonial 36

The Gunna’s Class was fantastic!! I came away from this amazing day feeling excited, inspired and so very glad I took the time out to do this. Catherine is such a powerhouse of ideas, enthusiasm and talent. We were looked after so well – I knew this was going to be a great day when one of our first requirements was to write down the type of coffee we wanted!! Our coffees were delivered to us as we wrote, thought and talked, morning and afternoon. This was a really lovely touch. The staff at La Luna were delightful. Catering to a tedious gluten free person such as myself was no problem to them – this was greatly appreciated by me. The food was sensational!!! I loved being part of such of vibrant group of fellow writers (can I refer to myself as a writer?? Yes I think I can!) who were more than happy to share their ideas and inspirations. I loved this. If you are wondering if you should do a Gunna’s class I highly recommend it. You don’t need to be a writer, you just need to want to write better. I had some idea what I what wanted to write about when I attended the class however the day brought out other ideas that I happily ran with. So don’t feel you need to know what is it is you want to write before you do this class. Just come along with openness and a desire to write. That is all you need. Catherine will help you with the tools to just get in there and do it! Thank you Catherine for such an amazing day. The drive from Gippsland was absolutely worth it.

Bernie Keating

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