Testimonial 37

Thanks a squillion, Catherine!

Still on a high from yesterday’s Gunnas class, so glad we sent our pieces to you asap… It’s exhilarating to go what the fuck, there’s gaping holes n contradictions in this writing but sending it off anyway. This is unlike both of us to do this.

We just showed both pieces to our mum here in Bendigo….who was astounded with what Vonnie wrote about “commitment”. Mum wasn’t so sure of me using the word “fuck it” in my piece, so I just blamed it on you, telling her that Catherine throws the word round the place so it must be OK!

The best thing is that I was up writing this morning before my cuppa…a habit I will do my darndest to cultivate. I usually leave writing to night-time.

Big positive changes already, thanks to you.

Mars Drum

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