Testimonial 42

During the pack up and exiting Catherine asked me what I thought, ‘what dya think of it’? I gave it a 9.9, saying I never give a 10, there’s always room for improvement. I don’t know how she’ll do it but I’m sure she will. I can’t offer any criticism, helpful or otherwise. Only praise and thanks.

With 24 hrs of accumulated hindsight, motivation stands out. Not motivation in any regular sense from my experience. Not the ‘dominion over’/ greed driven, ‘you can do it just do it’ ‘motivational’ hype that’s spruiked in any number of styles and voices. Motivation, from pointing out and encouraging the group to reveal, from personal experience, the obstacles we put in the way of ‘getting it down’, followed up with strategies that have been helpful, from sources far and wide. All set in a firm and clear framework, based in the understanding that it’s us, we are responsible, we put up the barriers, we are the saboteurs, our own worst etc. Energising, not in the least bit patronising, nothing to do with shame, veiled or otherwise.

The next thing that comes to mind is tucker. It’s easy to complement isn’t it. My income bracket dictates that I will only be dining at La Luna on special to very special occasions; hmm, quick as you like. The workshop was a very inclusive, comfortable affair that La Luna fed, much better than well. I’m not sure how this fits in, it does for me though, the dunnies were an appreciated plus.

If you have, in anyway, found yourself inclined toward the Gunna experience, don’t miss out.

Thomas Paine

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