Testimonial 43

I attended Catherine’s master class because I have been a wannabe writer for years. Now in my 60’s I am determined to get there. I would recommend the class to anyone who wants a jumpstart with their writing. Catherine’s message throughout the class is clear. If you want to write then do it and stop making excuses. She had us writing all day and respected that we were all at different stages and abilities. She gave us the opportunity to share, chat with the other delightful people who were there and to read our writing while being incredibly respectful about those people who want to keep their writing to themselves.

I came out at the end of the day with the motivation to keep on with my writing attempts, with some bits of writing which, although done under pressure, I was a bit proud of and, most importantly, a shape for the biggest piece of writing I want to attempt. Catherine is also funny and incredibly generous with her considerable experience. The venue is perfect with food that made me incredibly happy. And it was practical! A visit from an editor gave us insight into what editors do and how to work with them. So if you want warmth, humour, good company, good food and inspiration and motivation to write don’t go past the Gunnas Master Class.

Marg D’Arcy

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