Testimonial 48

I had completed the mission – I had written a book – but what now. I knew I needed to do it to feel better about myself and indeed I did, I felt brilliant, but was that it. Friends assured me that if I had gone to that much trouble to put it on paper to get it out there, it genuinely needed to be out there, but I was still scared. Then I met Catherine via an exhilarating experience at a “Gunnas” Workshop. ‘Gunna’ is the operative word for me, I’m always gunna do something but something has always held me back. From the second I walked in, I was greeted and asked about myself and almost immediately asked to take charge of my identity and given ways for me to ask the world to stop and pay attention to the fact that I have take time out to write a book. I am now proud that I have written my first book and feel inspired by Catherine to market it in every way that I can think.

Catherine inspired me to take ownership of my space in the world.

Fiona Kerr

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