Testimonial 52

Hey Catherine,
Wanted to thank you for yesterday, your sharing of your life experiences both as a writer, a woman and all round fabulous human being. I loved the pearls of wisdom, your wicked sense of humour and fabulous frock and expensive shoes. The space you create and the connections you make with each and very one of your gunna’s is special, also the space you create for your gunna’s to connect to each other is a great gift. La Luna is the perfect space long table with white cloths a space full of potential. The food was fabulously glorious and coffee perfect for this Greek coffee/food loving vegetarian lezo single mum (wif a daughter) Christos Tsiolkas wanna be! The timing was perfect and it’s the self care I needed!!! To be around creative nurturing folk like yourself. I loved that I didn’t even have to make a decision about what food to order!
Well done for creating a space for people to come and get whatever they want out of it!
I came home and read. I didn’t feel guilt about not writing and handing something to you 10pm, I’ve always got dead lines!! I’ll be taking up the gunna’s challenge though. Shit scared and excited at the same time.
Just wanted to share.
A million thanks.

Maria xx

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