Testimonial – Ali

Hi Catherine,

There were so many things that were great today – the venue and the food and the wonderful attention from Team Bouvier of course, and the amazing people who came along – everyone with a special story (could have listened to them all for ages). And of course your wise words and hilarious comments.

But what I really loved and appreciated was the way in which you targeted everyone in turn, gave each of us your full attention, encouraged every one of us so that we each felt we had been given something particularly special and helpful, and then … best part … you actually remembered what everyone had told you, so later on you were able to go back to various people around the table when something pertinent came up for their particular project. And all the time you kept us enthralled by your fabulous humour and funny stories. And it was great getting people to introduce their neighbour so we didn’t all have to do that appalling self-introduction thing (which always has my heart thundering as it gets closer and closer to being my turn).

So, thank you for being magnificent.

Will this be enough to excuse me from sending in my homework ‘contribution’ by 10pm? (it’s your fault really, a piece of work for you tonight would not be core writing – it would be what you so concisely called ‘fucking about’ and today I learned to stop doing that!)

I’m going to work hard now and try to get the book finished in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know how we go.

Thank you again for an amazing day – I really feel we’re gunna get this book done now. Para is still at work; he’ll be home in an hour or so … poor man won’t know what’s hit him!

Bye for now,

Ali xxx

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