Testimonial – Amanda Fong

Here’s some non-feedback on the day.

Catherine Deveny’s Gunnas Masterclass isn’t about writing and that’s what makes it so fabulous. It’s about debunking the myths that surround the notion of writing and it’s about giving you the green light to write regardless of your level, interest or subject matter. By doing so, she reminds you that writers are just people, and their tools are available to all. They’re just arranging words into sentences in a way that resonates with themselves first and foremost.

This is not only refreshing but it enables you to discard whatever baggage you bring to the class so that you will put pen to paper or digits to keyboard. Think of it as an investment in your very own writing cheerleader. Whenever you have that moment of doubt, writer’s block or procrastination, rest assured you can always ask “what would dev do?” and all your writing ills will fall away.

Thank you Dev. Truly, deeply and sincerely. You’ve completely shifted my mindset about writing and creativity and I feel totally liberated.

Amanda Fong

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