Testimonial – Melinda Hildebrandt

I’ll never forget the experience of writing a new story after a wonderful day spent in a Gunnas Writing Masterclass with the incomparable Catherine Deveny. The task at day’s end was to send her a piece written between 10am and 10pm. ‘But how?’, I wondered, ‘I’m going straight out to dinner and to see a show. I won’t have time to do it’.

But no excuses would do. So I texted my husband the simple words…’You better bring your laptop’. Later, parked in our car on a city street, I sat with the computer on my knee and frantically tapped out my piece from the notes I’d scrawled during the class. I had to do it – would never forgive myself if I didn’t – and so I did.

I emailed it to Catherine, typos and all, and felt a great sense of satisfaction at meeting the deadline. The feedback and support from Catherine the next day was absolutely thrilling and so that mad writing session in my car felt even more worthwhile. It was such a great experience that I’m sure any aspiring writer would enjoy. Plus, Catherine wears gorgeous shoes with little musical notes engraved on the soles. So there’s that too.

Melinda Hildebrandt

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