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In the words of Catherine Deveny

44-year-old writer, comedian, social commentator and founder of the Atheist Kibbutz, Catherine Deveny spoke with madison about what life has taught her so far. If you’d like to hear more from Catherine, don’t forget to catch her on SBS’s ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’tonight at 8:30pm.

What has been the most painful lesson for you to learn in life – and how has it changed you?
The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour and knowing when to walk away. There have been five people in my life that for some reason I have felt compelled to fix, heal and make happy. I painfully came to the realization I was enabling their unhappiness by feeling their happiness was my job. The preoccupation with other people’s happiness caused me deep unhappiness. I eventually found out they were manipulative users (and in some cases I suspect suffer NPD/BPD) and they were just never going to get past their biological unhappiness and keep blaming others for it.


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