Why I haven’t commented on Adam Goodes

Someone asked my why I haven’t commented on the Adam Goodes thing.

Look, I really don’t understand it at all. I detest football and don’t understand booing ever. When I watch my son’s basketball team I applaud and barrack for all good play. On both teams. Australia is deeply racist. Anyone who needs to be convinced if that is a fucking racist. Booing is considered okay at footy so people can veil their racism with ‘Ah it’s not because he’s black I just don’t like him and that’s what happens at the footy.’

It’s all a bit ‘No offence but’ ‘I’m just mucking around’, ‘Don’t get your knickers in a twist’, ‘Can’t you take a joke’….

I’m sick of the talking and the bandwagon jumping. I’m sick of the white people telling the non-whites what’s racist and what’s not. I’m sick of the straight people saying what’s homophobic and what’s not. I’m sick of men telling women what’s sexist and what’s not. The rich telling the poor they are rorting, double dipping and they need austertity and to tighten their belts. The ableism, the transphobia. I’m fucking sick of it and exhausted by it.

The thing I am most over is the the word ‘meritocracy’. It’s a word that has only ever been used to shut people up, undermine them, gaslight them and shame and belittle them. ‘Pipe down princess.’

Meritocracy is just another way of saying ‘don’t question my privilege.’

White straight cismen speak. The rest of us are outspoken.
White straight cismen have mouths. The rest of us are mouthy.
White straight cismen opinions. The rest of us are opinionated.
White straight cismen are passionate. The rest of us rant.
White straight cismen are confident. The rest of us are attention seekers.
White straight cismen are bosses. The rest of us are bossy.

I’m sick of the talk and the bandwagons.

I’m sick of the fact the right eat other people’s babies and the left eat their own.

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