Windfarms and why they hate them.

They hate ‘the look‘ of the wind farms simply because the wind farms represent progress.

Gays getting married, women having power, people with disabilities having the right to access, the internet providing the democratisation of information, abortion being legal, the truth of our treatment of the indigenous no longer being hidden and misrepresented, religion being exposed for the rort it is, education being available to all, the old school tie no longer giving them advantage, their ‘alma mater’ being revealed as the heartless business it always was, their priests and fathers as abusers, children getting  their mothers surnames. Their entitlement is being questioned and wound back and they are being expected to carry their weight emotionally and domestically. They are no longer having their abuse and dysfunction being excused by and buried under internalised misogyny, victim blaming, patriotism, religion and slut shaming.

The wind farms represent they were wrong and the lefties, hippies, darkies, cyclists, greenies, lezzos, poofs, cripples, radicals, mavericks, vegetarians and non-believers were right. It represents that we have won. That they are not special because they are white, male, rich, straight acting and educated. They are the beneficiaries of an unfair system that give them more than the rest of us.

What the wind farms are is a reminder that even though these men were the beneficiaries of a discriminatory system of inherited privilege that gave them advantage and a sense of entitlement, they never took that opportunity to make the world a better place. They just plundered it for anything that benefitted them. They never saw it as privilege. They truly felt they deserved it. That’s how arrogant they are.

They resent their loss of power and control.

They resent the loss of the promise of a job for life, a job that would reward them for ‘loyalty’. They resent the loss of the guarantee of a wife who would be a willing slave and incubator for them. They resent the loss of the fairytale parents who adored them and  the children who feared and respected them who then went on to ‘do them proud’. They resent the loss of a society that looked to them as a success, a role model, the pinnacle of human endeavour and never ever questioned why they got so much for no reason.

They resent that we’re no longer buying the word meritocracy. That we now see it as the bullshit it always was. Another way of saying ‘don’t question us. We’re in charge. Pull your head in missy.’

They are suddenly realising their privilege has been born not from merit as they had assumed and embraced but from lies, oppression, manipulation, dodgy deals and nepotism. They are no longer the gatekeepers of information and the masters of the universe. They will no longer decide who gets to say what, where and how. Their corruption, ignorance and narcissism has been exposed.

By lovely peaceful beautiful windmills.

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