Catherine Deveny’s Gunnas Writing Masterclass – Frankie Darling

I knew I would love Catherine Deveny, despite not knowing much about her before the workshop, except that she was feisty and funny. Slapped over the Gunnas Writing Masterclass webpage was the promise of receiving a creative enema, and really, how on earth could that not be fun?!

As I trotted to the GUNNAS WRITING MASTERCLASS on a glorious sunny Saturday to Lygon st, I felt slightly apprehensive and wondered if I would get scolded for being 10 minutes late. I felt a stab of worry: I’m not a writer, just a simple old English teacher! What if I’m terrible today, and will I be out of my league?

Greeted by creaky stairs and a warm smile, Catherine welcomed me by asking what coffee I wanted. I took a seat on a large family sized table, with around 14 guests present. Chatting to the people next to me, turns out everyone was feeling a bit nervous.

Catherine utterly charmed the group with outrageous anecdotes, putting the class at ease. We began with a Dr.Philesque sharing about writing goals and why we were there. An assorted array of characters fronted up; parents, journalists, authors, people who had never written, and others just for the hell of it.

The creative energy crackled as we received loads of practical advice, useful feedback and of course, time to experiment with our writing. Oh and the food, delicious and I’m pretty sure we all went home with a food baby.

Some of Catherine’s gems I stashed in my pocket included;

Exercise, sex and writing are the best ways to be happy.

Motivation follows action.

Write the book you want to read.

This day is an investment into your future self. All you need is a pen, paper or laptop. If you are wrestling with ideas slash writing slash creativity; then don’t let your soul stay constipated and go see this crazy and inspiring lady.

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