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This is the intro to a health and fitness related e-book I am writing that links to my blog and my fb business page.

I’m a blogger and a part-time health coach and a full time working for a wage woman and a mother and a lover and a pet owner (my dog George is a therapy dog so he also works for his dog bikkies).

I am writing a self-published e-book to help people (mostly women but hey, I won’t discriminate against the rest of the population!) achieve their health and fitness goals. I’m really fit, active and healthy and my family, friends and colleagues are always asking me “what’s your secret?” Well, there is not one secret, but there are strategies you can put in place to help you set and achieve your health goals and I’m here to help you.

I’m not a doctor, well I am actually, but not that kind of a doctor – I’m a Phd doctor. What that means is that I’m a really good researcher and I have spent a lot of time researching and reading and analysing loads of information and research studies and filtering out the rubbish and the fads.

I am a Health Coach and I take an holistic view of your health and fitness and will show you how you can achieve the healthiest you imaginable.

About me

I am a 58-year-old woman, I have one grown up daughter (she is pretty awesome) and I live alone with two dogs and a cat – so not alone, I do have my furry friends, but no other human co-habitant at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted if that changes! I do have a boyfriend/partner/lover and he is gorgeous and has great guns and occasionally I can coerce him into coming for a run with me… I have loads of friends and great colleagues at work (yes, I do have a day job and my health coaching is my sideline business and my absolute passion in life). I run and compete in fun runs (yes, I know – where’s the fun in run?) I like competing and raising funds for worthwhile charities. I also like to run past people younger than me, smug for sure, but what a confidence boost! I love hiking and living in Western Australia we have some awesome hiking trails, Bibbulman Track anyone?

I try to swim around once per week because swimming is an all-over body workout and doesn’t put any strain or stress on your joints. I aim for around 20 laps of the 50 metre pool. And because I am a dog owner I have to take my pooches out for regular walks at the park or alongside the river near my home.

I have recently taken up dance classes (the aforementioned boyfriend has coerced me into learning Cha Cha and I am surprisingly reasonably good at learning the steps and not crunching his toes -mind you I’m only in beginners’ classes!)

When it comes to food I aim for healthy and fresh. Mostly plant based foods (I’m not a vegetarian, but full respect to those who choose that lifestyle) I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, lean protein including non-animal protein like tofu and quinoa. I make my own muesli for breakfast with oats, nuts, seeds and add plain yoghurt and berries when in season. And yes, I do eat carbs, we need good healthy wholemeal carbs as part of a complete diet. When I use the word diet, I do not mean diet-fads, I mean your daily intake of food in a balanced and healthy way.

Do I take supplements? Yes and no, well kind of yes. I take a Berocca (effervescent multi-vitamin) if I’ve been out with the girls the night before and had a few champagnes and yes I do drink alcohol; not a lot and not every day, so I’m not about to make you give up your wine, but I will ask you to think about it and whether it’s having any kind of a negative impact on your life. The other supplement I do take is a Vitamin C tablet daily – mostly because I’m superstitious and think they’ll prevent/minimise catching colds at work. My workplace (I work at a university with thousands of students and hundreds of co-workers) is a hotbed of germs and bugs in the winter time and many is the meeting I’ve been in where a half-dead colleague is hacking up a lung on the meeting room table!

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