• Pushy Women April 2015 part of Melbourne Comedy Festival

    unnamedJust when you thought  Pushy Women could not get any better not only is our FIFTH Pushy Women speaking event part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival BUT it’s also part of The Women’s Ride. I know. Long sentence. It will be held at The Ballroom Trades Hall April 12 at 4pm. It’s Sunday afternoon.

    Julia Morris, Clare Bowditch, Fiona O’Loughlin and Rachel Berger, Alicia Sometimes, Fiona Patten. Will sell out. Book now!

  • Pushy Women South in Port Phillip Leader

  • A Look Around Catherine Deveny’s Home From Habitat Projects

    Story by Rebecca Vukovic Space by Jeremy Smart

    There were no greetings, no handshakes and no introductions.

    Instead, we were welcomed into her home like we were old friends over for a dinner party. Catherine Deveny opened her front door and ushered us inside to the kitchen, announcing she was going to continue packing the dishwasher while we were free to make ourselves comfortable. As we stepped over the threshold, her beloved Jack Russell cross, Archie, came bounding down the hallway urging us to give him a pat.



  • Catherine Deveny. In The Eyes Of The Beholder.

    Catherine Deveny is always in the spotlight for her controversial views. But in an interview with La Trobe University journalism students, she revealed a softer side to her public persona, writes Jordan Witte.

    Nobody personifies the word ‘provocative’ better than Catherine Deveny.

    The Melbourne-born-and-bred social commentator exudes confidence as she ignores a proffered chair, instead choosing the non-conventional option of perching upon a table.

    She fields questions from an unusually attentive throng of La Trobe University students – her former university, at which she studied Cinema Studies – with assumed ease, her body language indicating her comfort with and level of control over the situation.


  • What I Know. From Madison Magazine


    In the words of Catherine Deveny

    44-year-old writer, comedian, social commentator and founder of the Atheist Kibbutz, Catherine Deveny spoke with madison about what life has taught her so far. If you’d like to hear more from Catherine, don’t forget to catch her on SBS’s ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’tonight at 8:30pm.

    What has been the most painful lesson for you to learn in life – and how has it changed you?
    The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour and knowing when to walk away. There have been five people in my life that for some reason I have felt compelled to fix, heal and make happy. I painfully came to the realization I was enabling their unhappiness by feeling their happiness was my job. The preoccupation with other people’s happiness caused me deep unhappiness. I eventually found out they were manipulative users (and in some cases I suspect suffer NPD/BPD) and they were just never going to get past their biological unhappiness and keep blaming others for it.


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