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  • Pushy Women April 2015 part of Melbourne Comedy Festival

    unnamedJust when you thought  Pushy Women could not get any better not only is our FIFTH Pushy Women speaking event part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival BUT it’s also part of The Women’s Ride. I know. Long sentence. It will be held at The Ballroom Trades Hall April 12 at 4pm. It’s Sunday afternoon.

    Julia Morris, Clare Bowditch, Fiona O’Loughlin and Rachel Berger, Alicia Sometimes, Fiona Patten. Will sell out. Book now!

  • Pushy Women South in Port Phillip Leader

  • Pushy Women 2014


    After a gangbuster sellout in 2012 and 2013 Pushy Women is back in 2014 with a sizzling line up of town bikes, lady riders, pedal pushers, lycra ladettes, fixie hipsters, BMX bandits, dykes on bykes, step through ladies women who don’t ride AT ALL.

    Eight of Melbournes most prominent women; celebrities, comedians, writers, performers and broadcasters each speak 8 minutes about bikes!

    And wait, there’s more!

    This year we’ll straddle the Yarra to bring you two shows Pushy Women North and Pushy Women South

    So excited about Pushy Women 2014! This year two shows! North and South! Come see….Kate Miller Hiedke (musician)Tracey Harvey (comedian)Monica Dux (author)

    Karla Burt (genius)

    Karla Burt (actor, it girl and Anne Edmonds (comedian)Bev Killick (comedian)Sally Warhaft (774 Melbourne)Lally Katz (playwright)Kate Langbroek (radio personality) Nelly Thomas (comedian) Bev Killick (comedian) Genevieve Morris Van Badham (Guardian writer and performer) Pip Lincolne (craft poster girl and Meet Me At Mikes) Karen Pickering (writer and presenter)

    Hosted by Catherine Deveny – writer, comedian, atheist postergirl and commuter cyclist evangelist.

    Pushy Women – SOUTH 2014

    Sunday 2 March 4pm 2014

    Gasworks Park Albert Park Pushy Women – NORTH 2014

    Sunday 16 March 4pm 2014

    Thornbury Theatre


    I’m a self appointed commuter cyclist ambassador and a passionate and outspoken advocate for women and girls on bikes.

    I am also the proud co-founder, curator and host of Pushy Women which is part of Melbourne Bike Fest. Check out snaps from last year here.

    Pushy Women now run celebrity hosted rides and learning!

    Gunnas Writing Masterclass here and why don’t you hop on my mailing list to keep up to date because there is always cool stuff and VIP offers going on.

    Love Dev x

  • Pushy Women. The festival of Town Bikes.


    Like girls?

    Like bikes?

    Like listening to talking?

    Well you’ll love Pushy Women.

    Noni Hazelhurst, Ethel Chop, Clementine Ford, Emilie Zoe Baker, Nelly Thomas, Stella Young, Anna Krien, Jess Maguire and me all talking bikes at for Melbourne Bike Fest. Will sell out. Please come.


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