What exactly is a housewife Tony Abbott? Please explain.

What exactly is a housewife Tony? If a woman does a small amount of paid work outside the house is she still a housewife? Or is she a working woman?

What if it’s volunteer work? SarahTutt

What if she’s doing the books for her husband’s business but not being paid? Is she still a housewife? Or is that considered ‘housework?’

What if she doesn’t have any children but doesn’t work? Is she still a housewife? Do you need children to be a housewife?

If she has a husband and children but is on a disability pension so technically brings in money, is she still a housewife? Because she is not ‘working’ per se? Not proper work, in the outside world. Just housework. Which, lets face it is pretty much just playing.

What she and her husband aren’t married? Is she a house de facto? House partner?

What if she’s a lesbian and so is her full time working partner? Is she a ‘house lesbian?’

What if she’s a man? What if she’s a house husband? Is she still a housewife?

What if she’s gay? And a he? Is he a housegay? And his partner a working gay?

What if she’s a she, and she doesn’t work, she’s on her own and lives in a house. No husband, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend?

Is she a housewife?

Is there someone in your life who wants to write, keeps saying they are going to write but still can’t pull their finger out?

Or perhaps is it you?

Have I got the perfect Christmas present sorted! Mid to late Jan 2014 I will be running a series of one day writing masterclass ‘The Gunna’s Writing Masterclass’ at La Luna Bistro Carlton. No experience necessary! These classes suit beginners to advanced.

The masterclasses I run for The Monthly, Sydney Writer’s Festival, Byron Bay Writer’s Festival ect have been so successful, useful and exhilarating, I want to help people with their New Year’s Resolution and provide a magnificent, delicious and unforgettable (carbon neutral!) Christmas gift.

They will run 10am-4pm and places will be limited. A beautiful day sitting in the upstairs room at La Luna looking out the window through the Plane trees over the Carlton streets many of our finest and most loved writers have walked, cycled and pondered along.

goethe-quote-bubble-until-one-is-committedNot only will you get gorgeous morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch but and I guarantee recipients a creative enema that will blow the cobwebs out of their head. Buy a place in The Gunna’s Writing Masterclass and you will have a beautiful voucher and signed book to present on Christmas morning to the one you love and want to write..

Make 2014 the year of finally bloody writing and no longer talking about it. For you or someone you love! There is no better start to the year.

Dates are about to be finalised and if you want to be the first to? Join my mailing list here.

Any questions or preferred dates? Send me an email


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